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Would you like to affiliate?

If you are a Pokemon-related Group and would like to affiliate with us, feel free! (Just hit the 'Affiliate' button on your group menu and put in our name!)
We'd be honored!

:bulletred: All affiliates should be appropriate for a teenage audience.
:bulletred: We do not affiliate with any hate clubs, whether they be anti character, shipping, game, person, etc, or anything controversial.
:bulletred: We may extend to other gaming and anime series Groups (not characters, please) if we feel they have a similar audience to Pokemon. This is up to our discretion, however, and we can't make any promises...
:bulletred: We may not affiliate with Groups that are presented poorly, mainly referring to Groups that don't bother with writing properly. This is not because we want to be stuck up, but not bothering with a little detail like that says a lot about the quality of the Group you're running. We're not worried about mistakes or typos, it just needs to look like you made an effort to present your Group.
:bulletred: We do not affiliate with Groups devoted to specified fancharacters. We're not against fancharacters, but there are just too many out there. We are not against general fancharacter groups, however, so something like 'The Pokemon OC/Fancharacter Group' would be fine.
:bulletred: If you substantially or regularly donate to our club, we'll affiliate with a non-Pokemon or gaming related club, so long as you are an admin of that club, or if it is alright with the rest of that club's management, and if it conforms with the rest of the above rules.

Our Awesome Affiliates!

CLOSED. Cast your vote to choose which entry will become an official PFCL design! 

63 deviants said Gym Leader Victor by arkeis-pokemon
42 deviants said .:Contest:. Ghost Gym Leader Ombretta by Lisosa
23 deviants said PFC Contest Entry - Amber by Dryicenightfury
21 deviants said Water Gym Leader and Team by AzureGryphon
15 deviants said Bird Gymleader Design: William Da Worde by CCDragon-93
12 deviants said Gym Leader Soarin by KatNap8181
9 deviants said Tyler - Poison Gym Leader (contest) by hapro
7 deviants said Gym Leader Design (contest) by The-Great-Bananna
2 deviants said Christy by monkhead281

Contributing Art?

We love getting contributions from our members! But please keep the following in mind:
No traced, recolored, or base art! Also, no fakemon or fusions unless for a specified contest or event!
Please submit to the correct folder! Please check out the Poke Fan Art folder (…) and its subfolders for where to submit. The others, such as Draw Me a Pokemon, are for club-specific activities.

Please read the info and rules window by scrolling down under this box!

Also, we can only accept two (2) submissions from each member per week, so choose wisely! =) Don't worry, this doesn't apply to contest event submissions - only the general submissions folders: Poke-Fan Fiction and Poke-Fan Art

Thank you so much! =D

Want to join?

Anyone can join! You find the 'Join Our Group' button at the top of the sidebar to the far left!

Welcome to the Poke-FanClub!

Poke-Fanclub Icon by BriBriBlitz

This is a community for all kinds of art-loving Pokemon fans! Home of activities such as the Pokeswap and Draw Me a Pokemon, we encourage artists of all types and all skill levels to join us and produce great Pokemon art!

Being on such a diverse art site, we feel it's important not only to create a place for Pokemon lovers but to encourage our members to hone their creativity and develop their art skills! The Pokemon franchise provides designs and characters for a lot of different skill levels, making it a great subject for learning artists.

As this is a place for artists of all levels to grow and congregate, in our activities and events we do not judge submissions by the level of their technique but by the effort and creativity put into them.

If you would like to become a part of our community we would be honored to have you! If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page!

Info and Rules!

Submitting Art

To submit a picture to the club, head over to our gallery and go to the folder you would like to submit to and hit 'Submit to this folder" at the top of the page.

:bulletred: Members can submit 2 pictures per week to our Poke-Fan Art gallery!
:bulletred: We don't accept any stolen, traced or recolored art, colored coloring pages (or lineart) etc, nor do we accept screencaps from the anime. We only accept sprites if they were made completely from scratch. Basically, we don't accept art that wasn't made fully by you.
:bulletred: Unfortunately, we don't accept fakemon into our gallery, unless specified for a contest or event.
:bulletred: We don't accept anything of mature content, since this is a club for all ages.

Pokeswaps and Contests

:bulletred: The most important rule for the Pokeswap is to follow through with your piece. If you signed up, then you must submit a picture. Even if it's late, it's only fair to do your part. Not submitting a Pokeswap means someone won't receive one, even though they worked hard to make one for someone else.

Additional rules for the Pokeswap can be found here!…

:bulletred: When voting for contest winners, please judge be aware of the contest specifications.


:bulletred: Please do not advertise groups, projects, websites or anything like that on our pages. If you would like to promote your Group, see if it matches the criteria below and affiliate!

If you have any other questions or doubts, please visit our FAQ page.

Super Group Points Raiser!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 19, 2015, 10:13 AM
Hey everyone! How's your fall going?

With the end of the year just around the corner, we're coming up on a year since our revival from inactivity. Can you believe it's been a whole year? :O A lot has gone one since we came back from the dead, huh?

When our last Chairman passed the torch to me, they paid for Poke-fanclub to be a Super Group for one more year. Well, now we're getting close to that subscription running out. But you want to be SUPER, don't you? We'd get to keep our amazing member-made journal skin on our news bulletins, and we'd get to keep cool gadgets like the contest timer and custom front page!

So starting now we're holding a Points Raiser to keep Poke-Fanclub super! We're taking points donations and will reward outstanding donors (anywhere from 200 points and up) with art prizes from Staff and members! Outstanding donors will also be featured in this journal and on our front page. And soon we'll announce a special event for everyone to enjoy to encourage more donations in really fun ways!

:star:All donations should go to the donation box on rockingyourstar's profile.:star:
Anyone willing to provide art for outstanding donors, let us know in the comments! ^^

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(Because the folder I see right now is for the "Gym Leader design contest" but I don't plan on entering that...  :hmm:
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