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Submit your pictures to the Draw Me A Pokemon gallery folder by Sunday, September 6th, 11:59pm EST!…

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Draw Me A Pokemon for the Week of August 30th!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2015, 8:25 AM

Our Last Round's Winners!

:star: ATTENTION! :star:
You cannot win if you don't say what Pokemon you'd call out if you're chosen!

AzureGryphon's top entries were (in no particular order):

I drew a Togekiss by ratsandpigeons DMAP: Togekiss - sun skipping by turusai Togekiss by ToRnUpTo

The winner, and the next caller will be...


Draw Me A Pokemon!

In this activity, the caller will choose a Pokemon - any Pokemon they like - and if you wish to participate, all you have to do is draw that Pokemon. All of the entries will be judged, and the winner will become the next caller!

Each round will be one week long, starting Monday (sometimes Tuesday if there is a delay). Entries close Sunday night. Entries are judged the following Monday, and the next caller will be chosen! There's no need to sign up, just have fun drawing everyone!

Monday is the Judging Day! No new pictures can be submitted after Sunday night!

And now, for this round's caller...


calls out...



Submit your pictures to the Draw Me A Pokemon gallery folder by Sunday, September 6th, 11:59pm EST!…

Rules and Details

It may look like a lot, but as you can imagine it's actually quite simple, so make sure to read all of the rules and details before entering, please! :w00t!:


:bulletred: Just submit your picture to the Draw Me A Pokemon folder, and make sure to tell us the Pokemon that you would choose if you become the next caller either in your deviation's description, a comment on this journal, or a note to the club.
(And we'd love it if you mention 'Draw Me A Pokemon' in your picture description, too!)

:bulletred: We're sorry, but to keep this activity moving, we can't accept any late entries. Feel free to do them, though, but you will have to submit it to the Poke-Fan Art folder, not the folder for this activity.

:bulletred: One of the purposes of this activity is to get people to draw! For that reason we'll only be accepting pictures that have been made for Draw Me a Pokemon. We won't accept previously submitted pictures, or pictures done for other club activities or events.

:bulletred: You should keep your entries down to one, and you may replace an entry with another you like. If you really can't decide from more than one picture, just let us know, and if we feel it's right, we may let you submit both, but only one picture by the same artist can be in the top three!


:bulletred: Please just stick to Pokemon by itself, no accessories, etc. We would like this to be an opportunity for the artists to be creative! =D

:bulletred: Try to vary up the Pokemon being picked! Of course we'd like you to pick whatever Pokemon you'd like, but for the artists it may get a bit dull, so if you see that a Pokemon's been picked a few times already, try not to pick it again.

:bulletred: The same person can only be caller again after ten rounds, but no sooner!  Recent callers may still enter, they just can't be chosen as caller again for a little while.  =)

:bulletred: If you can resist the urge, the caller should try not to fave entries until judging day! We don't want our other participants to be discouraged if their picture is not faved while another's is. Also, it may influence what people decide to submit later in the contest, giving some an unfair advantage.

:bulletred: Should you be the chosen winner, make sure you're prepared to judge the entries on Monday of the following week!


:bulletred: When it's time for the pictures to be judged, the caller will pick their favorite 3 entries and send them in a note to the club, preferably as early as possible on Monday!
-> If you live in the eastern hemisphere (Australia, etc.), Monday night is probably the best time for you to send your note.

:bulletred: The caller should specify which picture they like the most of the three, but remember, if the top choice is someone that has been a caller before in the last ten weeks, we'll have to ask you to pick someone else or do so ourselves.* We want to make sure that callers are rotated and that the same few people don't get picked every time. :nod:

:bulletred: Do your best to be around for judging! If you submit your top three on time (early on Monday), you get an extra point!  If the caller doesn't send their verdict before Monday is over, then the admins will choose the top three, the winner, and of course, the next caller.

:bulletred: If you know it's impossible for you to send your note on time on judging day, please send a note to the club ASAP and we'll try to figure something out.  =)

:bulletred: Callers can submit to the round they called the Pokemon for if they really want to, but they cannot select their own work for the top three!

:bulletred: When a caller submits their top three on judging day, they can also attach a Caller's Comment from them to everyone who entered their round. But keep it short and sweet! ^^

* Someone may be caller again before ten weeks are up only if all entrants for that round have been callers within the last ten weeks.

Previously, In Draw Me a Pokemon...

256. takugirl called out Houndour (Top:… )
257. AzureGryphon called out Haxorus (Top: )
258. Jadenyte called out Magikarp (Top:… )
259. Draga03 called out Reshiram (Top: )
260. JinxedTarotCard called out Jellicent (Top: )
261. RachyChan called out Florges (Top: )
262: weaselpa called out Sandslash (Top:… )
263. Penny-Dragon called out Nidoqueen (Top:… )
264. RainAtronach called out Altaria (Top: )
265. Kunochai called out Swadloon (Top: )
266. Fortisselle called out Slurpuff (Top: )
267. piegirl245 called out Ariados (Top: )
268. trihedral called out Glameo (Top: )
269. celunia called out Buneary (Top: )
270. jinnyhinkle called out Dragonite (Top:… )
271. AzureWave called out Fearow (Top: )
272. AzureGryphon called out Togekiss (Top:

For older rounds, go here!…


:bulletred: We love to see what you guys have to say, but if you're going to comment, please refrain from complaining about the chosen winners or Pokemon.  
Part of this activity is giving the winners some time in the spotlight, and in winning they've earned the privilege of choosing whatever art appeals most to their personal taste -- regardless of the quality -- and whatever Pokemon they want (even if it's... goodness forbid... not cute or popular! :ohnoes:).  The staff of the Poke-Fanclub can do nothing about the pictures or Pokemon chosen, so complaining will do nothing except possibly upset the people who worked hard to win or get into the top three...  (And remember, we reserve the right to hide comments at our discretion.)  If you want to see pictures or Pokemon you like in Draw Me A Pokemon, enter a round! You just might get your chance!  =)

Thank you everyone!

Of course, please comment or note us with any questions you may have!

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